Mitt’s Friend at Bain Capital


In 1996 Melissa “Missy” Gay, daughter of Robert Gay who was Mitt’s friend and partner at Bain Capital, left home to attend rave parties in New York City and then disappeared. Read here the New York Times story recounting how Mitt closed the offices of Bain Capital in Boston so everyone could go to New York to help find the 14-year old girl. The volunteers from Boston enlisted help from other friends in associates at various companies with which they had connections:

Duane Reade, a drugstore chain in which Bain Capital is an investor, had clerks at 52 stores insert fliers in shopping bags. Price Waterhouse, which does the firm’s accounting, sent nearly 100 volunteers to distribute the posters, and Goldman Sachs, Bankers Trust and Morgan Stanley dispatched more than 60 people.

Because this event made its way into a political ad, some people doubted whether it was true or not, however, the Web site PolitiFact of the Saint Petersburg Times later verified its truthfulness.

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