Why the Right Hates Mitt Romney


Many (some?) on the Right absolutely despise Mitt Romney. One only has to read the comments on some of the conservative Web sites to realize this is the way things are. Going from bad to worse, conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and George Will have also recently pronounced that Romney is not a conservative. Topping things off, Erick Erickson of Redstate.com recently wrote a scathing piece with the title, “Mitt Romney as the Nominee: Conservatism Dies and Barack Obama Wins.

Raising the ante on the negative feelings towards Mitt, those opposed to his candidacy are beginning to organize, this according to an article in The Hill’s Campaign Blog entitled “Conservatives uniting to defeat Romney.” The author of that piece, Alicia Cohn, writes that although the movement does not include Erick Erickson, it nevertheless “has gathered prominent right-wing bloggers such as John Hawkins and Atlas Shrugs’s Pamela Geller, as well as activists working against Romney with opposition campaigns in early-voting states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.” Ali Akbar, a specialist in digital and new media ,  is organizing the group around a Web site called notmittromney.com.

So, given this bubbling dissent and the fact that both Rush Limbaugh and George Will stated during the 2009 election cycle that Mitt was conservative. What has changed since then?

There are two ways to analyze the situation. The first comes from attorney David French who is one of the writers at the Evangelicals for Mitt Web site. David explains his ideas in his article entitled “Mitt Romney, The Tea Party, And The Rise Of Conservative Political Correctness.” David says that the Tea Party is not giving in to the trend to be politically correct, but some of its leaders are. He cites various conservative Web sites that engage in what I would call “thought police” actions by prohibiting pro-Romney people from making their case that Mitt is in fact a conservative.

Michael Medved has another take. He claims in his piece on The Daily Beast, “Why the Right Hates Mitt Romney and His 2012 Presidential Bid”:

It’s not the flip-flopping or the centrism—he’s tacked right and his thinking largely ceased to “evolve” in the last few years. Mitt’s lack of anger and indignation disqualifies him for many conservatives, and that’s alarming

Our bottom line on MIttTheMan.com is that people can look at what Mitt says he will do and then decide whether or not they like he proposes. The one thing they can know for sure, however, is that if Mitt Romney says he will do something, they can count on him to do exactly that. Not only does he say this himself but his claims are supported by his outstanding record of accomplishment. This means that people should judge him for what he says he will do as president and not what they think he did or did not do as governor of Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, it seems that this current situation with respect to anti-Romney sentiment does not bode well for the future political life of our great country. As Michael Medved summarizes:

The fact that Mitt Romney’s lack of anger and indignation has become a disqualifying attribute to many of his conservative critics isn’t just a problem for Romney or for Republicans. It’s an alarming development for the United States of America.

We wholeheartedly agree!

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7 thoughts on “Why the Right Hates Mitt Romney

  1. These small time amateur pundits are seeing their brief days in the sun fade away. And they are just squealing. What’ll they do with a successful president doing things the vast majority support for a change? They become unimportant again. That’s all. You’ve got to remember none of this stuff existed before the internet and Monica Lewinski. Once normalcy returns to the political situation, sensationalism and the carnival atmosphere fades away….and the vast majority are happy to kiss it good-bye. And kiss all the thousands of newly minted pundits good-bye too. They are probably cognizant of it already happening…and so we get this junk.

  2. Gov. Mitt Romney is the near perfect candidate and they cannot stand it. He is true to his word, Brilliant, trustworthy, good family values, and can work with everyone, plus very pleasant to look at! He is a true statesman and the ONLY one to turn our Country around, and to bring the jobs and economy back. He is my second Reagan!!!

  3. I don’t really understand this very well. The truth is this: all the info a sincere seeker could ever desire is out there all over the place and quite ripe for the taking. So, I am left with 2 possibilities. 1) They are too lazy to look and are willing to accept lies and 2) they love to lie and have a hideous and horrific agenda… Neither possibility bodes any hope of integrity….

  4. The right and the the left have hijacked politics, to spread their intolerance of the worst kind. Gov.Romney has the best credentials of all the candidates to help us out of the terrible mess our country is in at this moment in time. He not only has the successful experience of turning around difficult situations in business but also in state government,he also understands what needs to be done to encourage investment and what we need to do to make America more competitve again. Mitt is truly conservative in the proper sense of the word, his core principles are conservative. I think the right hates Romney because they can’t control him. I heard David Gergan say that politicians have to pander to the left or the right of their parties so they can win the nomination of their parties, but then must move to the center in the general election. Mitt doesn’t have to do that because he’s not a far right republican, thank goodness! We honestly should be grateful a man of his character and ability and leadership skills is running for president at this critical time in our history. It’s obvious we need a change in leadership. My hope is that his experience in Massachusettes will help him dissolve the gridlock in Washington and help us to work together again as a nation.

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