Election Campaigns and the Ability to Lead


Here is hoping that everyone has had a very Merry Christmas and is now enjoying a wonderful Holiday Season in preparation for a terrifically prosperous and very Happy New Year! Our holiday has been great as well so far, as demonstrated by the fact that we have not posted here since 15 December!

I recently described Newt Gingrich as a veritable idea mill who has trouble putting his inspirations into practice, adding that Mitt knows how to execute, or said another way, make good things happen. Supporting the assessment of Gingrich’s problems is the recent evidence of his inability to lead, as illustrated by his campaign not getting his name on the ballot for the Republican Primary in Virginia. What was his reaction? Of course it was to blame Virginia’s rules! Adding insult to injury, he compared his failure with Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, a comparison that many found to be arrogant and even in very poor taste.

The bottom line here is that it is absolutely incomprehensible that someone can expect to lead what is probably the most complex organization in the history of humankind on the planet (the US Government!) when they cannot even get their campaign organized in their home state to collect the sufficient number of signatures! Truly mind-boggling is the trite yet perfectly illustrative phrase that comes to mind.

Unfortunately, this seems more like a continued pattern than any newly exhibited behavior. Indeed, despite Gingrich’s success with the Contract with America, many of his associates have awful memories of what it was like to try to work with him. Just today, an article on the Daily Beast/Newsweek site entitled “How Newt Gingrich Crashed and Burned When He Was House Speaker” lays out a pretty grim picture. One can chalk this up as just another critique of the MSM of a GOP front-runner, but their discussion is both compelling and alarming.

Consider at how many things Mitt has been successful during his entire life. We watched him work hard and achieve success as a young man in France. Others saw his competence at Bain Consulting then at Bain Capital, with his return to the first firm to save the company from financial disaster. He went on to save the Olympics in 2002 and dug Massachusetts out of a very deep hole. The contrast should be eye-opening!

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