Mitt Romney: An Extraordinary, Ordinary Guy!


I saw this photo get tweeted by Mitt’s son, Tagg, over the weekend, with the caption, “Life on the Road.” The end result of the picture getting around was disappointing but I guess not surprising. The first indication of the negative blow-back that I have seen in the media occurred on the Laura Ingraham Show as I drove into work this morning. She asked a caller in a mocking tone whether he had seen the picture and whether it had changed his negative opinion about Mitt.

Mitt and Ann Romney Do the Laundry

People commenting on the Web site where I later found the picture were not buying the picture either. They were prompt to add their incredibly caustic comments about someone they really know nothing about. As one might guess, upon seeing the photo they right away assumed that this was nothing more than a photo-op. All the proof they needed for their conclusion was that the little box of Tide Mitt is holding in the photo is obviously vending machine variety. I don’t know about anyone else, but at least in this way I am exactly like Mitt: I don’t travel with a container of  laundry detergent in my luggage! The silliness is truly astounding.

The problem with the scoffers’ analysis is that this really is Mitt Romney! He carries his own luggage and is described as a “cheapskate” by his own son. He also does things like helping remove the stump of a tree damaged by fire in San Diego, among many other examples. We have written here about him changing the diapers of his grand-kids. He also sweeps out a staffer’s garage while waiting during a video shoot.

Steve Bang, a mutual friend from our days in France, told me how Mitt had stopped the car to help people escape from a burning apartment building. Upon seeing the smoke, Mitt immediately pulled the car off the road, and led the way to the burning building through the smoke. “Mitt’s example is one I will never forget!” he told me.

I guess that it should be accepted that people would have trouble believing that Mitt is the sort of person who would be doing his own laundry while traveling. For those who know him, that picture is vintage Mitt!

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5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: An Extraordinary, Ordinary Guy!

  1. I guess people’s reaction to this photo tells more about their own characters than Mitt’s. Sadly, too few seem to realize having a good, successful man is a great idea.

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  3. Mitt, while speaking at the CPAC tomorrow, PLEASE, please let the people inside your heart. Show them, tell them who you really are. It’s okay to let your soft underbelly show a little. Share your feelings about your faith in God, your Savior Jesus Christ. People want to connect with you on this level. All faiths and people will respond to your testimony about your personal faith in God. Let people know where you derive your strength. WHY you feel as you do about this blest country. Give them a lesson about this promised land and who you REALLY serve…. Who has preserved it and why and who wants to destroy it. The people will rally as you’ve only dreamed they would..if you’ll do these things. I’m with you..backing you all the way to the White house. And it’s OKAY to slow things down as you speak. I know you’re excited and committed about your message. Let the Spirit stir in people’s hearts. Best Wishes Mitt and family!

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