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Mitt Does the Dishes

I made the point in an earlier post that Mitt Romney is “An Extraordinary, Ordinary Guy,” which, at 496 hits in one day, holds the single-day record for posts on Supporting the premise of that piece, McKay Coppins at BuzzFeed tells us today that “Mitt Romney Wants To Follow You On Twitter.” He states “The whole Romney family are social media naturals” then asks “So why can’t they connect?” Addressing that question is the very purpose for which was created.

This BuzzFeed article is fun to look at with its family pictures that capture the warmth and genuineness of the family through the blog of daughter-in-law, Mary Romney. Her blog, “Me & My Boys” was previously open to the public, but since BuzzFeed began asking questions on the campaign’s use of social media, it has been made private. Too bad. I really like the glimpse into the Romney family that it seems to have provided.

Indeed, that blog and and the BuzzFeed article align very well with our purpose on our blog here: Provide evidence (firsthand whenever possible) of the sort of people that Mitt and Ann Romney are when they are not in the spotlight. In so doing, we hope to promote the connection that so many people feel eludes the family. Mitt and Ann lead exemplary lives as parents and grandparents, and I feel strongly that we can see their goodness through the lens provided by the lives of their sons and 16 grandchildren.

As an example, I really like that picture above that shows Mitt washing the dishes. He has always done that sort of thing! I quoted another writer earlier how he changes his grandkids’ diapers!

Contrary to comments I have already seen online, I have zero doubt that these pictures are candid family shot with no public relations intent whatsoever. The comment that reflects best idea comes from Joanna Brooks (@askmormongirl on Twitter) who Tweeted to the the BuzzFeed writer earlier today, “looking at these pix it’s clear how much mitt actually hates running for office.” I have no doubt that she is right, and I reflect often on what Mitt and Ann are going through, to the point that I know that they are doing this because they feel it is the right thing to do to serve their country.

Thanks to McKay Coppins and BuzzFeed for helping to spread the word of who these great people really are. And even more thanks to Mitt and Ann Romney for living the sort of lives that we can all look up to and aspire to!

Mitt prepares for the family Christmas pageant. BuzzFeed captioned the picture, "Romney, holding in his lap what Mormons refer to as the "quadruple combination," a book that contains the King James Bible, the Book of Mormon, and other books of LDS scripture. The picture was taken before a family Nativity pageant."


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  1. I clicked on that link today on BuzzFeed. I thought those same thoughts. This man, this family, should be a rallying point for the entire country.

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