Letter to Family and Friends in Alabama


Contemplating the Primary Election next Tuesday, I sent this letter this morning:

To My Family and Friends in Alabama (or who know folks in Alabama!),

I have mentioned in the past that Mitt Romney is every bit the terrific person that he seems to be! You are also probably aware that I know this because I have known Mitt for 45 years. With another friend from our days with Mitt in France, we started a Web site, MittTheMan.com, because he is who he is: The smartest, hardest working person we know. Just as important he is a man who is honorable in every aspect of his life. Our effort is the best way we could come up with to counter the negative bias that we find from the Left and the Right, and we are excited that the site is now getting several hundred hits a day from people who are anxious to learn more about “Mitt the Man: Person, Husband, Father, and Friend.”  People learn on the site why we have no doubt that Mitt is the man of the hour, the man our country needs… Now!

As I was contemplating next Tuesday’s primary in Alabama, I was tickled to learn yesterday that the Birmingham News has endorsed Mitt! I was even more excited this morning to learn that a poll by the Alabama Education Association shows Mitt with 31.2 percent, Santorum with 21.6 percent, and Gingrich with 21.2 percent. This was terrific news!

So, why am I sending this E-mail message today? People cannot afford to sit out this election. We need to get people behind the candidate who can give President Barack Obama a more permanent vacation than the ones he and Michelle have been taking so often since their arrival in the White House.

I remember well how much Alabamans love a winner, going all the way back to Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan. How fun it has been to see the winning continue recently with two number one teams in football in the country for the past two years (War Eagle and Roll Tide!).

What does this have to do with Mitt? He might be a yankee, but he is a terrific guy and has always been a winner! Not only that, his campaign picking up momentum. Did you know that today’s Gallup’s Daily Tracking Poll puts Mitt up over President Obama by 4 points and over Santorum by 14 points?!?!

What can you do? Mitt will be in Birmingham this Friday (tomorrow!) at 2:00 pm to rally with supporters at Thompson Tractor at 2401 Pinson Valley Pkwy.

How many people do you know, or who probably know people, who live close enough to rally with Mitt tomorrow? Call them or forward them this E-mail message to get them out to hear Mitt speak in Birmingham.

Mitt with Organizers of Rally in Snellville, Georgia (Cousin David is third from right)

There is no reason why the event in Birmingham cannot be a spectacular event like the one last Sunday at a high school in Snellville, Georgia, where they had over 2,000 people show up. The organizers there had first anticipated 400 people, but shortly after the announcement of the event, they had 1,500 signed up! Our cousins who live there outside Atlanta attended and were absolutely wowed by Mitt and Ann’s presentations. They were already Mitt supporters, but they came away even more fired up. Wouldn’t it be great to give Mitt that sort of reception in Birmingham?

In sum, I am sure that you know this election is important. Let’s do what we can to put Mitt’s nomination over the top!

I send you all my love and my best, Dixie-loving greetings!



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I am a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and currently a professor at a large private university in the Western United States. I have known Mitt Romney since we served as missionaries in France for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

3 thoughts on “Letter to Family and Friends in Alabama

  1. Aww that is really nice. Bless your hearts, as they say in the South! I was raised there. My relatives in the South will be voting for Mitt!!! Mo-Mitt-tum went through Ohio and now it’s coming to the South!!! ROMNEY OR BUST!

  2. Check out this post taken from Politico.com!


    Another dispatch from POLITICO’s Darren Samuelsohn from the Deep South:

    Did you know Mitt Romney’s baby handling skills may be a big help in Mississippi? So says Gov. Phil Bryant, who endorsed Romney Thursday. Speaking to reporters in Pascagoula shortly after Romney wrapped up his stump speech here, Bryant cited the ex-Massachusetts governor’s child-rearing abilities when asked how he’s doing in his conversion to the South. “He had blue jeans on. He likes grits. Again, he’s been here before. We’ve talked to him. We’ve seen him. But he just has a warm comfortable way about him. I like to see a man when he’s holding a baby. And he looks like he’s held a baby before,” Bryant said. “Let me tell you, this man is connecting with the people of this nation and it’s about those simple things. You’re not going vote for somebody you don’t like. You’re just not going to do it. And I think people in Mississippi like Mitt Romney.”

  3. I’m so grateful to have found this website. I believe Mitt Romney is our “Captain Moroni”, the man needed by our country at this very moment. The more I learn about him, the more I realize what a great president he will be. Our family prays every day that the way will be opened for him to win. I spread the word all that I can. Thank you for putting up this website and sharing the positive information about him.

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