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Mitt at the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games

Given that we live in Utah, we are keenly aware of the work that Mitt did to take over the huge mess that the 2002 Olympic Winter Games had become and turn that effort into a rousing success story. I have also posted first-hand comments (here and here) from someone who served under Mitt’s leadership and who stated categorically that Mitt’s leadership saved the day.

Unfortunately, back in February Senator Rick Santorum disparaged Mitt’s leadership of  that effort. He not only berated Mitt’s performance, he did so in a way that would compete with the sort of childish mocking tone usually only heard on elementary school playgrounds:

One of Mitt Romney’s greatest accomplishments, one of the things he talks about the most, is how he heroically showed up on the scene, and bailed out and resolved the problems of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

He heroically bailed out the Salt Lake City Olympic Games by heroically going to Congress and asking them for tens of millions of dollars to bailout the Salt Lake Olympic Games. In an earmark.

Nanny nanny boo-boo to you too, Senator!

In a bit more serious vein, Mike Leavitt, who was governor of Utah during the Olympics released a statement a few days ago that made its rounds via E-mail and arrived in my inbox today. As it turns out, the entire statement is available on the official Mitt Romney Campaign Web site and is definitely worth reading as well as passing along to people inclined to believe Senator Santorum rather than Mitt. Nevertheless, here is the essence:

 When the Games had concluded, they were an unqualified success. In a world still reeling from the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, people across the globe were assured that they could gather in safety to celebrate the highest qualities of the human family. Mitt Romney’s leadership had turned the $400 million deficit into a $100 million surplus. It was a spectacular turnaround. Sen. Santorum’s suggestion that only a “federal bailout” made all this possible is flatly wrong.

Governor Leavitt concluded that Mitt’s talents and efforts in the Olympics match perfectly with what is now needed for the United States government.

Very well said!

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