People are figuring out who Mitt really is!


With no journalists anywhere around, Mitt attacks a stump after the San Diego fires in 2007.

It would seem that the word is getting out about who Mitt really is!

Here is a good piece on Mitt by Jesse Merkel at PolicyMic that conveys the spirit of the message we have been seeking to spread here at PolicyMic is a site that was new to me but I was pleased to discover it and look forward to learning more about what it is about. T

his particular article explains a bit about what has been going on during these Republican Primaries:

Because conservatives nominated a moderate last time around and got their clocks cleaned for it, they’re understandably skittish about making the same mistake again. John McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts, wanted to shut down Guantanamo, and was very much pro-amnesty. (It’s a wonder President Obama didn’t try to hire him after the election.) While Romney was governor, he slashed spending, vetoed a bill for embryonic stem cell research, and submitted budgets each year that included tax cuts. The government only raised taxes when the state legislature (which was 85% Democratic) overrode Romney.

I really like conclusions drawn by this author:

Romney is known as a good businessman, the man who saved the Salt Lake City Olympics, an effective campaigner, and a vicious debater, but many people do not know about the man who sees a problem and feels a compulsory urge to solve it. Many people would not have gone to the lengths Mitt did to save Robert Gay’s daughter Melissa, who would have otherwise died from an overdose, or miss a fundraiserto help people remove a damaged tree.

Why hasn’t the Romney campaign spoken more openly of these incidents? An over-inflated sense of modesty, perhaps, or a fear of being labeled a braggart? Romney knows that because of his wealth and success, anything he says could be taken as boasting.

People should know who Mitt Romney really is, and if he doesn’t want to say it then people like me will.

As we have been saying, Mitt Romney is indeed the real deal!

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  1. Indira Ramachandran:

    All the good work Mitt Romney has done has to be told to all the people. Mitt Romney is a man of character and a “gentleman par excellence.” A man who loves and admires his wife will always respect all women. My prayers are with Mitt Romney and come November we would like him to be the President of the United States of America.

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