A Fun Easter Prank at Mitt’s Alma Mater


My first thought was that this post is not really about Mitt Romney, but I wanted to do a post  anyway about this prank that I discovered today on YouTube. Its creativity and the manner in which it was documented so well both merit attention. Not only that, the video is really amusing to watch. The more I thought about it, however, I decided that in a fairly direct way the prank is something that Mitt would very much enjoy, which says a lot about who he is as a person and thus falls very much within the purpose of MittTheMan.com

Indeed, Mitt’s family and anyone who knows him will talk about the fact that he loves pranks, much so much that his staff pulled worked a great April Fool’s prank on him recently on the campaign trail that was documented on YouTube. Working in cahoots with Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin during a campaign swing in their state, they arranged to take him to show up for an event in an empty room before taking him to the real event. Waiting backstage as Congressman Ryan introduced him he heard cheers and applause but when he stepped into the room, he found only the congressman, the senator, and his staffers. The applause was prerecorded and added to the gag which turned out to be rather humorous and is itself is worth watching on YouTube.

The fun prank that was the initial and primary target of my attention took place at Brigham Young University (BYU) where Mitt graduated in 1971. For the past 14 years BYU has been  atop the Princeton Review List of “Stone-Cold Sober Schools,” a distinction documented last August by the campus newspaper, The Daily Universe. As a result, anyone who is not aware of the school where Mitt attended should find the prank not only amusing but perhaps a bit enlightening as well.

So, what do students do for fun at a university where drinking and carousing are not part of the campus lifestyle? Watch this YouTube video to find out!

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