Stupid is as Stupid Does


Lots of people including Karl Rove are predicting that this will be a supremely nasty campaign. Jeb Bush suggests that Mitt should remain “above the fray.”

Then there is the Democrat governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer, who has sought to use Mitt’s family history against him by pointing out the fact that Mitt’s great grandfather was a polygamist from the colonies in Mexico. As Kevin Williamson points out at The Corner at National Review Online, this is a pretty stupid direction for Democrats to go, given that President Obama’s father was a polygamist.

What I really like, however, is the fact that Williamson has awarded his second, newly created “Golden Ass Award” to the good governor. I also greatly appreciate the fact that Williamson’s first award went to Lawrence O’Donnell, in calling out the bigotry of the MSNBC host. The more this stupidity gets shouted from the rooftops, the better off our country will be for the noise we can make.

Unfortunately, smart has not always been a very applicable adjective for describing Democrats. I say that as someone who grew up in the shadow of George C. Wallace, who cheapened the important principle of states rights by connecting it with the vile practice of segregation. Although I suffered consequences in my own thinking of that environment, I have.thankfully overcome that part of my heritage, which includes descending from long lines of Democrats, and now for many other wonderful reasons I enjoy an enduring love for my southern roots in Alabama.

Williamson’s piece is worth reading, but I end with his point out that Democrat ideals have not always been inspired by the best of principles. He includes this graphic in his piece:

19th Century Campaign Flyer

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