Mitt Goes to Lynchburg for Speech at Liberty University


From all accounts Mitt gave a terrific speech at Liberty University, hitting all the right notes and bringing the audience to their feet at several points. Gary Bauer, former presidential candidate, evangelical leader, and recent supporter of the campaign of Senator Rick Santorum called the speech a “home run,” as reported by the NY Times.

Mitt Romney speaks at Liberty University Commencement

Because Dane, our colleague has part of his medical practice in Lynchburg, Virginia, the local media has called on him to comment on Mitt’s candidacy as part of their coverage of his speech yesterday at Liberty University. The News and Advance in Lynchburg sent a reporter out to interview Dane, on which I commented here last week.

Here is the most recent piece, an editorial they requested from Dane and which appeared in the paper this past week. Dane did a great job, and we appreciate the plug the paper gave to We noticed quite a few hits from Lynchburg around the publication date. The piece begins:

I first met Mitt Romney in October 1966, in Rouen, France, at a training meeting for the Mormon missionaries who were serving in Normandy and Brittany.

Romney was gregarious, obviously bright and seemed more on top of things than normally expected of someone who had arrived less than 14 weeks earlier. The first indication I had was that he spoke better French than others who had arrived that summer. Our common experience of growing up in the East was a source of connection that brought us together. Most of the others were from the western United States or Canada, places where the concentration of Mormons was often higher, but we had been the only Mormons in our respective high schools. We also had fathers who had stood out in their respective professions and in service to their communities.

Read the rest at the Web site of the News and Advance!

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