Mitt’s vacation on jet ski: How could he be so callous?!?


Here on vacation in France I have kept up a bit with what is happening in the presidential campaign. Why, just a few days I heard about conservative commentator Laura Ingraham calling for Mitt to “get off his jet ski.” Given that I happen to know that Mitt is without a doubt the hardest working person I have ever known, I find such comments at least silly, and at worse, absolutely objectionable. When all is said and done, however, should this really the point of our discussions?

In case you, kind reader, happen to live in a cave with no television or Internet connection, here is the objectionable image that has made the rounds and gotten so many people upset with the Republican candidate:

Mitt and Ann on a jet ski (US News and World Report)

Just awful, right? As an aside, note the comments reported in the piece in US News and World Report that reported this scandalous detail of an out of touch family that is obviously out of sync with what is important in today’s world:

Local residents were quoted speaking positively about Romney as a man who was nice to everyone and didn’t flaunt his weath.

Now comes Molly Ball of The Atlantic, with the piece, “The Only Thing That Looks Worse Than Romney’s Vacation Is Obama’s Jobs Report.” Irritating here is the fact the writer who takes that approach of setting a false equivalence between a man taking a vacation with his family and the misery felt by millions of people who are out of work. To Ball’s credit, however, she recently underscored the number of fund raising events that President Obama has held during his administration, pointing out in passing that the president has cut back on the number of vacation days he has been taking.

All of this of course ignores the fact that Mitt and his sons used their jet ski to save a family and their dog from drowning a few years back.

As for me, I would love it if the press would spend more time reporting positions and facts about what is going on in our economy. That would certainly be much more substantive, no? How about for starters that in addition to 8.2% unemployment, there are fewer jobs than when President Obama took office, fewer people looking for work (simply because they are too discouraged to look), and an increasing people of people out of work for longer  periods of time.

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