Is there an anti-Mitt bias in Google News headlines?


I felt like I was noticing an anti-Mitt bias in the headlines that pop-up on Google News and today it seems worse than ever. I know that his supposed gaffes have provided a heyday for those covering the trip and their editors back home but this seems really incredible.

I have no idea what mechanism Google uses to prepare the list that pops up at any give time, but this seems to have gotten to the point that warrants figuring out what might be going on.  Here is a sample of the top headlines at the time I am writing this post (1:10 pm MDT on 31 July) :

Washington Post: Mitt Romney’s foreign trip didn’t go well. Does it matter?

NY Daily News: Mitt Romney praises Poland, Pope John Paul II, in bid to impresses Polish 

ABC News: Mitt Romney Blames Press for Foreign Tour Gaffes

Chicago Tribune: Romney’s travels take another detour into controversy

Washington Post: Mitt Romney wraps up foreign trip in Poland

CNN: Was Romney’s trip ‘a great success’ or gaffe-filled disaster?

Wall Street Journal (Blog): Romney’s Wind Stance Raises Iowa Risks

Boston Herald: Mitt Romney to announce VP pick by smartphone app

Miami Herald: PPP: Obama 48%-Romney 47%. Add Rubio as VP: Romney 49%-Obama 47 

Huffington Post: The Mitt Romney Tax Break Guide

Washington Post: Mitt Romney’s 20th-century worldview

By Katrina vanden heuvel, The Washington Post. Like a caveman frozen in a glacier, Mitt Romney is a man trapped in time – from his archaic stance on women’s rights to his belief in Herbert Hoover economics.

Washington Post: Mitt Romney aide tells reporters to ‘shove it’

Huffington Post: Romney Aide Rick Gorka To Reporters: ‘Kiss My A–’

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