Assume for a second that Reid is Right…


That proposed assumption will hold only for a second, but bear with me… Barbs flew today on the weekly news shows today, in one case with RNC chairman Reince Priebus accused Senator Harry Reid of being a “dirty liar.”Thus, the brouhaha over Mitt’s taxes continues. A simple effort to take all aspects of this controversy into account reveals one simple fact: The Democrats want to embarrass Mitt Romney for being rich. We arrive at this conclusion quite easily, given that only a little speculation is required to assume that there is no way that Mitt could have avoided filing tax returns for ten years.

Mitt Presents his Five Point Plan to Jumpstart the American Economy

To explore that impossibility, let’s assume for a moment that Senator Reid’s assertion is something other than a concocted political ploy designed add fuel to the Obama campaign strategy that is based on “Kill Romney” and class warfare. For Reid to be correct, his declaration could only be factual under two specific sets of circumstances. Either Mitt failed to file income tax returns or he filed his income tax returns in accordance with the rules followed by every other American taxpayer and his financial situation was such that no taxes were required to be paid. To explore those two possibilities, let’s let lay out what we know to be fact before engaging in a little speculation of our own. First the facts! Mitt Romney:

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