Artur Davis is Campaigning for Mitt!


Artur Davis, Former Congressman from Alabama

Artur Davis, the former Congressman from Alabama, switched parties earlier this year and  has now thrown his support behind Mitt Romney. The switch is significant, give that he served as a national co-chair for President Obama’s 2008 campaign and made one of the nominating speeches for Obama at the 2008 Democratic Convention. He now lives in Virginia and has been campaigning for Mitt in Virginia.

As the world turns, he will also be speaking at the Roanoke tomorrow evening with my friend and partner, Dr. Dane McBride. Chatting with Dane this week, he is look forward to meeting Congressman Davis and is excited that the congressman is on Mitt’s team!

The fact that he will be speaking at the Republican Convention in Tampa has commentators buzzing. As reported by the Atlanta Blackstar:

Former Rep. Artur Davis, a four-term Democratic congressman from Alabama, will speak at the GOP National Convention at the end of this month. Yes, that’s correct—Davis was elected to Congress for four terms as a Democrat and now he’s addressing the Republicans in Tampa.

The reason this is especially noteworthy—why we are doing this story—is that Davis was such a close associate of President Obama that he actually seconded Obama’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and served as a co-chairman to the Obama campaign.

But that’s all ancient history in Davis’ mind. Now he’s on Team Romney, ready to do all he can to defeat Obama. Why? Well, he says it’s because he’s disappointed that Obama didn’t follow through on his promises to improve race relations and bring the Democratic Party closer to the center.

Davis portrays himself as a voice for the people who are disappointed with the performance of President Obama.

Here is the invite sent out by the Roanoke County Republican Committee:

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