Coming on CNN: Romney Revealed: Family, Faith, and the Road to Power


I have truly mixed feelings about last evening’s Rock Center with Brian Williams that ran on MSNBC. Perhaps more on that later, but I will at least provide what I Tweeted (@Bush46) during the show and after seeing what others were saying:

For now, however, I am wondering about what to expect Sunday evening from CNN when they air their special, a biography on Mitt (26 August, at 8:00 pm EDT to 9:30 EDT). My friend and colleague on, Dane McBride and I were interviewed for quite a few hours for the production, but the experience was fun!

The CNN crew was incredibly professional, and I enjoyed interacting with Gloria Borger on topics of mutual interest. Getting her direct take on lots of issues was a treat. She flew to Paris from Washington for the shoot, and Courtney Yager, the producer I worked with, came from Atlanta and has been terrific since our very first contact. I know that she has really put her heart into this project, and, for her sake, I hope that it turns out great.

Courtney and Gloria were joined in Paris by Jung Park, a cameraman from New York and another from London, Sylvain Dumond. These were two absolutely professional guys, and I could tell that they obviously know their craft. As a video producer of sorts myself at the university, I was totally impressed. A British intern from the CNN Paris office was also quite helpful to the entire production. I wish them all well!

Check out the press release that I linked to above. You will read there where Gloria Borger, CNN’s chief political analyst, “travels to France to retrace his days as a Mormon missionary.” Over three days this summer in France, I was pleased to be part of Gloria’s retracing and happy to spend time talking about the experience that Mitt and I had as missionaries in France from July 1966 to December 1968. Dane served in France a little later there but has been close to Mitt over the years and was thus able to provide insights into areas beyond the mission experience.

We talked about what it means to be a missionary in France (challenging but rewarding) and the sort of missionary Mitt was (terrific!). We also discussed the events of May 1968 when we went through a general strike. Demonstrations filled the streets on a regular basis and students occupied the high schools and universities. There was no gasoline, no letters from home (which meant no checks!), and with electricity going on and off at the whim of the unions.

It will be interesting to see how this turned out!

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Michael Bush first met Mitt in 1966 when they reported for a one-week training session in Salt Lake City before heading to France on the 4th of July to serve as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 2 1/2 years. They also served at the same time in Bordeaux for several months in 1968, where they worked together quite often. Mike is on the faculty of Brigham Young University and grew up in Alabama. He graduated from Brigham Young University in Political Science. He also has an MBA from the University of Missouri and a PhD from The Ohio State University in Foreign Language Education with an emphasis in Computer Science. He is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who spent most of his career at the US Air Force Academy teaching French and doing research in the area of computer-assisted language learning. He and his wife Annie have four children and 18 grandchildren. It goes without saying that the things written on this site reflect his views and opinions and are in no way intended to reflect those of Brigham Young University or its sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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  1. Forget this is CNN. Tired of watching the tracking of tropical storm Isaac and feeling a little more at ease my son and his family stationed at Tyndall AFB will be safe in the days to come, I stumbled upon the documentary. It is fascinating and fair. If you missed it, please give it a chance. Another airing at 11:00p.m., est.

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