Ann Romney Enthralled All Who Listened! (Well not quite…)


My wife and I listened to Ann Romney’s speech last evening, and we both loved it. As we listened, I reflected my enthusiasm in several posts on Twitter that quoted her remarks:

We also caught Juan Williams “corporate wife” comment afterwards, which raised substantially my level of discomfort with his lack of objectivity. Apparently I am not the only one, given the developing meme as illustrated on

Williams’ comment brought an immediate and forceful comeback from Brit Hume, who said:

That is the single most effective political speech I have ever heard given by a political wife. And I think that to the extent that she could do it in terms of rendering her husband as someone with whom women who could have had doubts could identify with him, warm up to him, I think she did the job as best as she possibly could. And I think that a lot of women would look at her, particularly mothers, married women and find her utterly admirable and utterly credible.

Real Clear Politics has the full clip here in which Hume goes on to talk about the new Republican Party, which he says is being shown to as not being the same as it has been in the past.

So, given the apparent controversy, I wanted to see today what others were saying, so I turned to Google News. The negativity on the resulting search page was palpable!

I have already written here about possible bias in how Google does these searches, and I am still at a loss as to how to explain whether the bias results from the manner (programmed algorithms) in which the results pages are created or if their searches merely reflect the bias that is in what is being written in the media. Either way, I can’t help but think that we have a problem.

Wanting more, I then turned to some friendlier sources, and was pleased to see this piece by Jayde Wyatt at Jayde begins, “Wow! Offff the charts!” and goes on to provide an in depth catalog of the reactions the speech received from television commentators from across the media spectrum. It is well worth the read!

Finally, I wanted to give a shout out for another piece on Article VI Blog, which looks at the themes from a different perspective and takes issue with some of the things being said. Lots of misconceptions abound!

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  1. Frozone:

    Don’t blame google, they just index and catalog the internet. Blame the “journalists” and blog writers, authors of the slanted take, and the sheep that read them. That’s how you raise your rankings – cult followings.

    I’ll stick with you, Article6, EvangelicalsForMitt, Right Speak, Moms for Mitt…

    I like our echo chamber ;)

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