Confirming Mitt’s Character


My day began early this morning with a Tweet by David Limbaugh that he posted yesterday:

The Tweet referenced an article by David Brooks in the New York Times. Was this written as a parody of how the media often treats Mitt? It could be, but I did not get that at first. Indeed, most of us no doubt read so much of this kind of stuff that is meant to be serious but is hardly less blatant than what Brooks wrote. The end result is that it is hard to know what he had in mind.

My first reaction was simply to take it at face value, not assuming that I was reading a parody of the mainstream media. A re-reading of the piece, however, did persuade me that Brooks was indeed simply mocking how the Democrats and the compliant media describe Mitt.

Nevertheless, having that piece in mind set me up to really get a kick out of this post on the Fox News blog by someone who has interacted with Mitt a bit over the years. The five points he raises track quite well with the themes we have sort to promote here on

  1. Romney is a frugal budgeter.
  2. Romney has a strong work ethic
  3. Romney is not a natural politician.
  4. Romney has a big heart.
  5. Romney is a patriot.

We have covered most of the points raised by the writer. Mitt has a big heart and has quietly helped people such as with a hornet’s nest and a stubborn tree stump after the San Diego fire. He is careful with is own money as well as those who choose to invest with him.

The writer, Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®,, summarizes:

Putting all five points together, I see a man who should be president. He is not in it for ego. He believes he can make us better. He has the background, skills and the leadership necessary to make America the nation it is meant to be. If a headhunter were selecting our next president of the nation, Romney would top the list.

It is terrific to see others come to the same conclusion that we did over 46 years ago!


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