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The writers on this site want to provide information that illustrates how Mitt Romney in no way resembles the unflattering memes that circulate in the popular press. Posts here, which will often consist of first-hand experiences, will provide a glimpse of who Mitt Romney really is, up close and personal.Because Mitt and his wife, as well as their family, are not people who are at all caught up in themselves and the good deeds they do, a good number of these stories are not the sort of thing that Mitt or his family would share themselves in either a private or public setting. Indeed, some of the things described here are from situations where he went a bit out of the way to not have the events be in the spotlight. So, while a candidate or his campaign might not recount some of the things we share here, we know of no reason why friends and associates might not choose to do so.

Do we want Mitt Romney to be elected president of the United States? Sure! But this is only because we cannot imagine anyone better suited to lead our great country, especially during the troubled times in which we find ourselves today. What we seek above all from this particular effort, however, is that Mitt Romney be known for the good person that he is.

For these reasons we take this task to ourselves, with no connection to the Romney campaign.

7 thoughts on “About the Site

  1. Anyone, that gives 2 1/2 years of service, for free… No money, to knock on doors, and teach about Jesus Christ, In France… Well. They, 10’s of thousand every year are right, just, and true… More power to them, Cause they know how to pray and work and pray and work some more… Beautiful family, Mitt, Your the man… To the White House with you…. You got my vote…

  2. A friend and former Olympics colleague told me about your site. It’s a good concept and there are plenty of stories to be told. So far, it’s rather academic in it’s rebuttals of criticisms. You didn’t ask (consultants give advice anyway), but how about some of those stories here? Vignettes, anecdotes and so on that give the personal glimpse and reinforce the values that Mitt expresses. Talk to our fellow SLOC colleagues and right there alone I suspect you’d find the personal insights readers would respond to. By the way, I’d have written this in a Contact Us form, but there isn’t one I can see.

  3. I am from Austria, Europe, and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When a member of the Church is paying his tithing, it shows to me that he is willing to live after the teachings of Jesus Christ. I think Mitt Romney is a special, high qualified person.

  4. The biggest problem with Mitt is that he’s a Christian – and therefore he probably has completely distored views on everything from tax to sex to war to drugs to health care. He follows a Christian ethos and that makes him very dangerous…

    • I don’t understand how it is dangerous to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ: “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

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