“Mitt” the Film


You are reading a blog post on a site that my friend Dane and I started in October of 2011 to help people see the real Mitt Romney.

Neither of us has posted a word since the loss in November 2012, but the Sundance Premiere of the Greg Whitely documentary, “Mitt” and its impending release by NetFlix suggests that more words are in order. This post is the first of others to come, with the purpose of promoting the values that Mitt Romney represents and has lived throughout his life.

Mitt and filmmaker, Greg Whitely, at the premiere of Whitely’s documentary of Mitt’s run for the presidency.

Our previous purpose was to give us an outlet to talk about the man we have known for over 45 years, since we were all missionaries in France. Mitt and I were in the same group that left Salt Lake City for France on the 4th of July 1966. He and I later served in the same city for about three months where we worked together from time to time, and I came to know him not only as a fellow missionary, but also as a friend. Dane and I have recounted stories here that should live beyond Mitt’s quest for the presidency, simply because they set an example that all of us should follow.

While my path has not often crossed Mitt’s over the years, Dane and he have interacted from time to time. Although the interaction Dane and I have had with Mitt has been on a different scale, our message is the same: Mitt Romney is the smartest, hardest working person we have ever met.

But he is much more than that, as I am hoping many people will see in Greg Whitely’s soon-to-be-released documentary (via streaming on NetFlix the 24th of January)  on Mitt’s efforts to become the president of our great country. Mitt is a loving father and grandfather, as well as someone who cares about people around him. Indeed, he is nothing close to the way he was too often portrayed by the media in what is obviously nothing but agenda-driven journalism. I will go so far as to say that journalism is not the right word, given that journalism supposedly has a close resemblance to reality.

I did not attend the premiere and have so far only seen the trailer and read a few stories by people who did see the film such as this one in the Washington Post. That said, however, I will watch every second of the piece onwhen it will be released.

Join Dane and me in getting to know a little better a man who sets a great example for us all!

Ann’s Love Letter to Mitt


Mitt and Ann at their wedding. This is from an AP Wirephoto that ran that same day and that my mother brought home from her work as News Editor at the Alabama Journal.

I first wrote about the love that Mitt and Ann have for each other in a previous post entitled, “Mitt and Ann: A Beautiful Love Story.” The purpose of that piece was basically to comment on a silly story that ran in the National Enquirer just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Very much in contrast with the doubt that the Enquirer tried to raise in the reader’s mind, Mitt and Ann Romney have been devoted to each other now, pretty much since their first date 47 years ago. One can say that finding such success in a relationship depends on the same three elements that business people use to explain how to succeed in their world: Focus, focus, and focus.

Focus has been Mitt’s story for pretty much his entire life, in every thing he has done in business and as we see, in affairs of the heart. It was true during the time we were in France, and from all indications, it has been true in all that he has done since.

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Not Wealthy: What did Ann Romney really mean?


Folks on the left now have their brain cells on fire over Ann Romney’s supposedly saying that she does not consider herself to be wealthy. Their firing neurons, combined with Think Progress picking it up last evening, totally lighting up the left-leading corridors of the Twittersphere.

The Left was already working overtime to burn Rush Limbaugh at the stake, so the opportunity to throw someone else on the fire was just too good for them to pass up.

So what did Ann really say? She does use the words, “I don’t really consider myself wealthy.” After watching the video, however, anyone who does so objectively will see exactly what Ann meant by her comment! In short, she does not consider herself wealthy because of money rather, it is because of her friends and loved ones. In other words, she is saying that she knows what really counts in life.

The entire clip is very much worth watching, because she explains how her MS has been a wonderful teacher and has given her compassion for others. This specific section that has caused the uproar begins at 5:41. After speaking about the possibility of someone being poor in spirit, she says about her wealth:

It can be here today and gone tomorrow. How I measure riches is by the friends I have and the loved ones I have and the people I care about in my life and that’s where my values are and that’s where my riches are.

Click and view for yourself!

Ann Romney with Neil Cavuto



The Romney Family in Pictures



Mitt Does the Dishes

I made the point in an earlier post that Mitt Romney is “An Extraordinary, Ordinary Guy,” which, at 496 hits in one day, holds the single-day record for posts on MitTheMan.com. Supporting the premise of that piece, McKay Coppins at BuzzFeed tells us today that “Mitt Romney Wants To Follow You On Twitter.” He states “The whole Romney family are social media naturals” then asks “So why can’t they connect?” Addressing that question is the very purpose for which MittTheMan.com was created.

This BuzzFeed article is fun to look at with its family pictures that capture the warmth and genuineness of the family through the blog of daughter-in-law, Mary Romney. Her blog, “Me & My Boys” was previously open to the public, but since BuzzFeed began asking questions on the campaign’s use of social media, it has been made private. Too bad. I really like the glimpse into the Romney family that it seems to have provided.

Indeed, that blog and and the BuzzFeed article align very well with our purpose on our blog here: Provide evidence (firsthand whenever possible) of the sort of people that Mitt and Ann Romney are when they are not in the spotlight. In so doing, we hope to promote the connection that so many people feel eludes the family. Mitt and Ann lead exemplary lives as parents and grandparents, and I feel strongly that we can see their goodness through the lens provided by the lives of their sons and 16 grandchildren.

As an example, I really like that picture above that shows Mitt washing the dishes. He has always done that sort of thing! I quoted another writer earlier how he changes his grandkids’ diapers!

Contrary to comments I have already seen online, I have zero doubt that these pictures are candid family shot with no public relations intent whatsoever. The comment that reflects best idea comes from Joanna Brooks (@askmormongirl on Twitter) who Tweeted to the the BuzzFeed writer earlier today, “looking at these pix it’s clear how much mitt actually hates running for office.” I have no doubt that she is right, and I reflect often on what Mitt and Ann are going through, to the point that I know that they are doing this because they feel it is the right thing to do to serve their country.

Thanks to McKay Coppins and BuzzFeed for helping to spread the word of who these great people really are. And even more thanks to Mitt and Ann Romney for living the sort of lives that we can all look up to and aspire to!

Mitt prepares for the family Christmas pageant. BuzzFeed captioned the picture, "Romney, holding in his lap what Mormons refer to as the "quadruple combination," a book that contains the King James Bible, the Book of Mormon, and other books of LDS scripture. The picture was taken before a family Nativity pageant."


Mitt and Ann: A Beautiful Love Story


This first arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day straight from the alternate reality of the National Enquirer. I had no time to get this finished before today, due to my celebration of Cupid’s holiday with my own sweetheart!

Of course April Fool’s would be more appropriate for this item, but here it is anyway. Of all the people I have known and met in my lifetime, the last two people I would have ever expected to see mentioned in National Enquirer are Mitt Romney, candidate for the Republican nomination, and Dane McBride, our partner for this blog. Well, here they are, both of them in the same story: Mitt lived the story and Dane provided “juicy” details to a Boston Globe reporter four years ago. In truth, the details are anything but juicy; rather, they show the wonderful innocence of a powerful love of which I am sure many women will be jealous (as will many men for that matter!).

So, fans of True Romance magazine (and all others as well!), here is the scoop you have been waiting for: Continue reading

Have you heard? Mitt Romney Changes Diapers!


Romney Family Christmas Photo

We started MIttTheMan.com to counter the negative images that have popped up in the press time and again over the past few months. We have already highlighted here a piece from a couple of weeks ago by none other than David Gergen that appeared in Parade Magazineand that provides some excellent insights into the Romney family and the kind of people they are.
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A Mitt Romney You Haven’t Seen Yet: Parade Magazine


Mitt and Ann Romney with some of their family at their son Tagg's home in Boston.

Well, some of us have in fact seen this Mitt Romney, or at least the way he was a few years back, when, to many of us, his current success was totally predictable. Based on what we have seen from various reports, the only difference from then to now is kids, grandkids, and a lot of success in every endeavor he has undertaken. Yet none of this is a surprise to those of us who have known Mitt these many years (for over four and half decades now!). In fact, based on this interview, Mitt might be the most surprised of us all at what he has accomplished among all of us who were running around France as missionaries in the mid to late 60’s.

This piece was not written by your average Sunday magazine writer. Indeed, David Gergen served in various capacities during the administrations of Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton. As such he brings significant experience to the task of sitting down with a potential Republican nominee in seeking a view of a person that has been all too unfamiliar to the public.

For folks who know and appreciate Mitt Romney for all of his qualities, Gergen does not disappoint in what he reports. Indeed, he pulls off a wide-ranging analysis of Mitt Romney as a person, the sort of thing we are striving to see happen here at MittTheMan.com.

The rather long piece and sidebars all merit the closest of reads. In addition, anyone who has a friend or family member who has doubts about who Mitt Romney really is should definitely pass along the link to this article.

You wanna hear Mitt’s new problem?


He sounds “corny!”

Or so says the esteemed Michael Barone at Human Events. And he was untouched by the 60’s to boot! The reason he sounds “corny” according to Barone, is that Mitt jumped straight out of the 50’s into today or whatever.

For the life of me, I am having trouble getting my mind around the issue at hand here! How could it be a problem for anyone to have “never experienced the ’60s. You know what I mean: peace demonstrations, dope smoking, ironic detachment, all that,” as Barone writes.

Reading Barone’s piece, however, one gets a pretty good glimpse of the sort of person Mitt really is:

  1. Nice boy getting along in high school
  2. Student at Stanford debating protesters
  3. Missionary preaching to the French
  4. Bright student succeeding at Harvard doing business AND law at the same time
  5. Responsible father taking care of his family
  6. Successful businessman and investor helping to create jobs at numerous companies
  7. Church leader counseling his flock

What is his problem? And apparently a really big problem to many? He is adaptable!

Sounds like a terrific endorsement spiel to me!

So, if a debate questioner responds to Barone’s suggestion that Mitt be asked to speak French for them, and he does it, then perhaps that will clinch the deal. What do you say, Michael?


The Mitt Romney We Know


Mitt Romney, Family Man

The purpose of MittTheMan.com is to help counter the inaccurate descriptions of Mitt Romney that are all too prevalent in the press. An article by Nick Tzitzon in yesterday’s Boston Globe supports right down the line our descriptions of the qualities of the man we know. Entitled “Not flashy, Romney is a fearless, determined family man: Who is the Real Mitt Romney?,” this piece does an excellent job in helping us accomplish the objective of MittTheMan.com. It is worth reading in its entirety, but we provide here a few key points.

The writer worked for Mitt in his campaign for governor of Massachusetts and later served in his administration. He provides three insights into who Mitt Romney really is.

First, Tzitzon supports the sure observation of anyone who knows Mitt: Mitt loves whatever challenge is at hand and will focus his attention on every detail necessary to overcome whatever problem the challenge might entail. Second, Mitt knows his own mind and will act on his own instincts. He listens to his advisers, but he will not hesitate in making decisions on his own.

Perhaps most important, Tzitzon also writes that Romney loves his wife and his family and backs it up by stating that he could not count the number of occasions that he observed Mitt:

Interrupt his campaign activity to speak with Ann or one of his five sons. What’s more, the conversations were never transactional or “check the box.’’ This guy knew about everything about the lives of his family. If he’s guilty of anything, it was getting too involved.

He summarized his observations with this conclusion:

Romney is the most capable leader to execute an American turnaround. He may not be flashy. He may not be perfect. But if Romney emerges as the GOP nominee, he will beat Obama and will leverage his experience to be the president we need.

We second the sentiment that Mitt can do whatever job he is given! We also are confident in our agreement with the writer’s conclusion regarding Mitt’s priorities with respect to his family:

Romney will do anything for his family — including thankless campaigns for public office. Anyone who believes that his political ambition is about anything other than building a better country for his grandkids simply does not know the man.

We are pleased to be able to say that based on personal experience that began over 45 years ago, this conforms exactly to our understanding of the man that we have known.