Mitt’s Choice Has Always Been to Serve!


Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, said that Mitt “is the most qualified leader to run for president in my lifetime!”

Mitt Romney sacrificed up to $2 billion to serve, first as CEO of the Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games, then as governor of Massachusetts, and now as presidential candidate. In each of those circumstances he either took a salary of $1 or he donated what he would have received to charity. For the Olympics, he not only gave up his salary, he and Ann donated $1 million to the cause. The games were going through hard times financially as a result of the bribery scandal, and donations were needed to help right the ship financially. To Mitt it was clear that he had to set the example if he was going to ask others to donate.

No doubt political opponents will downplay this assessment of his career, as I have written about previously, but the evidence is there. Anyone with any integrity will acknowledge that money is not what motivates Mitt. Indeed, I would argue that is clear that he does what he sees as his duty. Of course he is well off financially, and he can afford to do what he has done for the Olympics and in politics, but how many other servants of the public interest do we see cut from this particular cloth of service to others?

I picked up this story on in a piece by editor Christopher Ruddy entitled,  A Sacrifice of $2 Billion for America by Romney. There Ruddy wrote:

If you watched the media, you would think Romney is a greedy elitist. However, the three recent presidential debates showed the Republican presidential candidate to be a man passionately concerned about the future of America, and determined to do something about it.

But the true level of Romney’s passion about this country are in the numbers — his personal financial numbers, that is.

Ruddy cites an article in Forbes by Nathan Vardi entitled, Mitt Romney: The Most Expensive Political Career in American History: “Lots of people pay a high price for getting into politics, but no one has likely given up more, at least financially, than Mitt Romney.” That piece, also worth reading, cites another analysis done by Bloomberg that came up with similar results. The second piece, however, can’t resist the temptation to detail the Democrats’ populist complaint’s about Mitt’s wealth. Nevertheless, it at least points out Mitt’s charitable efforts over the years.

The bottom line here is to say, sure,  Mitt has made a lot of money, but his willingness to leave it all aside, even as early as 1994 when he ran against Ted Kennedy, speaks volumes about who he is as a person. As Ruddy wrote, his success “goes to show that not only is would-be president Mitt Romney an experienced businessman, he’s a very good one as well.”

Recent changes in the polls in Mitt’s favor seem to indicate that the more Americans see of Mitt, the more they are convinced that he is the man the country needs elect as its president.

More Distractions in the 2012 Campaign


President Obama and his supporters continue to find every excuse imaginable to distract voters from actually reflecting on Obama’s record over the past four years, which can be easily summarized: Disastrous national debt, higher unemployment, greater number of food stamp recipients, and higher levels of poverty. The bottom line is that the politics of distraction and destruction is in full sway and only promises to get worse as we get closer to election day. Continue reading

Assume for a second that Reid is Right…


That proposed assumption will hold only for a second, but bear with me… Barbs flew today on the weekly news shows today, in one case with RNC chairman Reince Priebus accused Senator Harry Reid of being a “dirty liar.”Thus, the brouhaha over Mitt’s taxes continues. A simple effort to take all aspects of this controversy into account reveals one simple fact: The Democrats want to embarrass Mitt Romney for being rich. We arrive at this conclusion quite easily, given that only a little speculation is required to assume that there is no way that Mitt could have avoided filing tax returns for ten years. Continue reading

Mitt Goes to Lynchburg for Speech at Liberty University


From all accounts Mitt gave a terrific speech at Liberty University, hitting all the right notes and bringing the audience to their feet at several points. Gary Bauer, former presidential candidate, evangelical leader, and recent supporter of the campaign of Senator Rick Santorum called the speech a “home run,” as reported by the NY Times. Continue reading

Obama says Mitt wants to return to the past, but would that be a bad thing?


Two recent articles combined to stimulate my interest in the history of the US employment rate.The first was the description in the Washington Times of speeches that President Obama gave at rallies last Friday in Virginia and Ohio. Here is the salient quote that stimulated the headline writer’s use of the expression, “blast from the past”:

“Somehow, [Mr. Romney] thinks the same bad ideas will lead to a different result — or they’re hoping you won’t remember what happened the last time you gave them a shot,” Mr. Obama continued. “We are not going back. We remember, and we’re going to move this country forward.”

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Mitt’s Speech at Liberty University Generates Local Interest


Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, recently announced that Mitt will be their commencement speaker on May 12. He will address the crowd of 34,000, which will include the graduates, friends and family who will gather for this year’s graduation ceremonies. Because Dane, our partner on practices medicine in Lynchburg in addition to his hometown of Roanoke, and has been a friend of Mitt’s for the past 45 years, he was recently interviewed by the Lynchburg newspaper, the News and Advance.

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People are figuring out who Mitt really is!


With no journalists anywhere around, Mitt attacks a stump after the San Diego fires in 2007.

It would seem that the word is getting out about who Mitt really is!

Here is a good piece on Mitt by Jesse Merkel at PolicyMic that conveys the spirit of the message we have been seeking to spread here at PolicyMic is a site that was new to me but I was pleased to discover it and look forward to learning more about what it is about. T

his particular article explains a bit about what has been going on during these Republican Primaries:

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Mitt Romney and the “Mormon Way of Doing Business”


Click here to purchase The Mormon Way of Doing Business from (Yeah, we'll make a buck or so to help pay for this Web site.)

The last thing this presidential election should be about is the religion of either the candidates or the voters. Because we live in the United States of America, a country founded on the principle of religious freedom, we should neither vote for or against a candidate because of his or her religion or because of the choice we as voters have made in that regard. Rather, we should base our decisions on the kind of person the candidate is, as exemplified by the life he or she has led, as well as the qualifications they would bring to the office.

With respect to that concern, a lot is being made for and against Mitt Romney and his qualifications to serve as president. Interestingly, a book from a few years ago, which has now been updated ,can provide some important insights for the race at hand. CBS News did a a very good overview of the book and included pictures that had not been previously published. An important key worth noting here is that the pictures of the work on the stump were taken by the homeowner and had only previously been available as circulated via E-mail. I have commented before that Mitt is a very modest man and is not one to brag about the things that he does to serve others.

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