The idea for this site brewed for a while, due the negative press that Mitt Romney has received and that has reflected on him as a person. It was finally prompted by an article by Michael Tomasky that appeared on the Daily Beast Web site (now affiliated with Newsweek). He wrote:

Lastly, my case hinges—and here’s the second reason I’m buying Perry stock today—on the plainly observable fact that Mitt Romney is a really uninteresting and unappealing human being. Now, here, I’m really departing from the CW, because it is usually said by pundits that Romney has more crossover appeal than Perry, and polls tend to support this, although the differences so far are fairly marginal in most polls I see. Perry is said to be too extreme and too Texas. All that might be right.

On the other hand, Perry strikes me as more likely to pass—among Republicans—the old “do I want this man in my living room for the next four years?” test than Romney is. Who can possibly really like Romney? He’s like your boss, or the regional supervisor who comes by the office a few times a year. You tolerate him and suck up to him, but the experience is completely phony and awkward. I don’t know him and might have him wrong, but I’d just bet you a dollar that he doesn’t have many real friends. He has partners and associates and a swarm of acolytes who suck up to him because he’s rich. But he comes across as wooden, insincere (in a harmless rather than malevolent way), and totally emotionally unavailable.

Uninteresting? Unappealing? Wooden? He has no real friends? Tomasky’s unsubstantiated list goes on from there…

Well, for those people who know Mitt and Ann Romney, this distortion is particularly vile. So to counter this sort of disinformation,  we will provide specific examples to make the point that Mitt Romney, his wife, Ann, and their family are extremely decent people who have an incredible desire in life to serve others and their country. They are also fun people to be around!


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